What suits me?

Low cost investing. Easy tax reports and ideas that will help to reach your financial goals.

Are you retirement ready?

Want to bridge the gap between your ideal lifestyle and current? Using cashflow models we will discuss your time horizon, investment appetite and ways to get there.

Simpler is (usually) better

Part of the process is clarifying your goals. Working out what really matters and then focusing on it.

Goals based investment

Most advisers write down how old you are and then invest accordingly. It makes no sense. You could be a 25 year old conservative investor. Or 65 and ready to push the limits.
Talk to us about a customised future plan.


Access your super with more perspective than any industry fund can provide (in our view).

Clear costs

3 levels of service with each fitted to what you need.

Online Support

Sometimes it’s easier to open a chat box and fire a question. We offer live chat for our clients during week days.

The traditional model is broken

A ‘balanced’ 50/50 investment model is a difficult to consider when striving to reach your investment goals.

  • With interest rates at 100 year lows, do you feel comfortable with your current cash allocation?

  • We are not stock pickers, but instead have built our service to run as optimally as possible. One that in our view will do better than any standard ‘Balanced’ super fund.

  • Click the start now button to learn more.

The solution is a nimble investment plan

and we offer 3 levels depending on what fits

  • Base: Portfolio Management only

  • Access to Wealthlab investments, insights and events.

    This includes your super, SMSF, Tax, insurance and investments.
    All included in annual reviews

  • Access to Wealthlab investments, insights and annual reviews

    Super, SMSF, Tax, insurance and investments.
    All included in 12 monthly annual reviews

Level two: Wealth+

Everything from Base and Monthly goal based updates, Tax and Estate planning strategies

  • The best teams in the world have a coach. At this level you are open to being held accountable and are ready for change.

  • Wealth club members receive specalist investment access. Your own goals based login & financial progress tracking.

  • Maximise your cashflow, debt and acces investment opportunities.

Level three: Growth

Fly first class? This option is for you.

  • Your own private family office.

  • Offshore tax optimisation, international investment bonds and connections to our colleagues in Switzerland and the UAE.

  • As an accredited Sophisticated investor, you’ll have access to high risk/high return portfolio strategies.


Powerful advice, minus the TV advertising.

Industry Fund


Behavioural finance coaching and goals based advice

Time saved on managing your finances

Advice not limited to just Australia and that moves with you where ever life takes you


Wealthlab Portfolio construction principles

Access to low cost ETF Funds

Rebalancing in line with your risk profile

Low portfolio turnover

Mobile transactions and live reporting

Debt and higher growth strategies


WhatsApp and SMS updates when you need ad-hoc advice

Live chat during business hours

Access to a group of professionals who can help with your goals eg. Tax, real estate, loans and more

Access to the Wealthlab network

Connecting clients with each other to facilitate business and idea sharing

Financial Planing

Fully licensed and accredited advice, that takes into account your family, future plans and risk profiles

Advice that puts your goals first and follows the “best interest duty”

A range of financial options. With your advice not tied to any one specific provider, platform or insurance

App based cashflow tool

Our Philosopy

Compare the value we provide and see if you think we are a good fit for you and your family.

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