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Unlike some planners, we want you to feel educated. To be empowered and be comfortable talking about the topics of wealth creation and insurance. Feel engaged with your money is a key goal of our plans and these videos. We have made them just for you and you would like more topics please ask!

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Let’s Talk Investing

Scott talks over an investment mindeset and how it may work in the real word.

Arbitrage, pricing theory

Wan’t risk free money? Well so does everyone. We discuss if it actually exists.

I found a scam!

We go down a (short) rabbit hole. Looking at an instagram investment scam.

Financial freedom

The FIRE movement of saving 50% of your income is hard to comprehend. Here’s my experience with it.

The 80 – 20 Principle

How a basic principle from an italian economist still affects your money and investments today.

Comparing two similar investments

We look at two similar ‘income’ ETF’s and how they work vs the market.

Tune up your workouts

The best health & fitness advice online

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