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We start with an online meeting to discuss your finances, goals and future dreams.

We analyse your scenario, complete a fact find and go deeper into your money motivators.

We prepare a statement of our advice. Summarise what we recommend and discuss how we think it will be a good fit for your needs.

Happy? Great, we complete the form via a digital signature tool and save it to your record. Want changes? Also fine, this is your plan and you need to be happy.

Application time. We assist you with the forms, and impliment your new financial strategy.

A long-term partnership is the key to long-term success! We want to help you keep on top of your goals.

What our clients are saying about us!

I’m very impressed. Scott is both skilled with financial planning, and an honest and authentic and professional. He was all about our needs and feelings, not on signing us up to an expensive program which seemed to be the focus of some of the planners. When doing my due diligence this seemed to occur more than I anticipated. If you are looking for a financial planner, book in a session with Scott. I’m sure you’ll be impressed too. Z.
Alexis and Marina Z.
Didn't feel pushed
Our recent check-in with Scott over Zoom during this time of uncertainty gave us time to re-evaluate our financial situation and goals. We travel a lot and are stuck overseas. The level of commitment and proactive approach is the kind of support we needed in an unprecedented crisis like this. Top-class service! Thanks and looking forward to the future!
Jacinda and Michael T.
Flexible to our needs and time zone

To be honest I was worried about seeing a financial planner. I was concerned around the advice being on to products or investments that benefitted the advisor financially. In left my first call really pleased that this wasn’t the case. Scott didn’t talk products at all. Instead, he spent the time to understand our interests. My own (expensive) passions and where we are at with a split family. This was before we spoke about anything around finance. I was surprised and did not expect the level of empathy to come from a finance business at all. Scott was approachable, easy to speak to took meaning in helping educate me on finance. This is more than I was anticipating.
Brett M.

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