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Investment, insurance and wealth.

Helping make your financial life better.

The world is a busy and confusing place. Being unsure on what to do with your money doesnt need to be a problem you deal with alone.

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Based in Melbourne, helping you across Australia.

Wealthlab clients have a financial roadmap. Their investment plans organised and access to a range of smart, professionals who can help along the journey towards a more abundant life.

Financial planning and support

Ongoing assistance and a plan towards your goals. With high energy, passion and focus to use the tools of advice to develop your unique financial plan.

As a trusted financial adviser

Your own safe, online investments. With 24/7 access. Providing ongoing support and comfort in your wealth plans.

In Albert Park, South Melbourne

Melbourne-based, Australian-wide. Trade, leverage, and hopefully profit from ASX stocks via our preferred broker. Meet with pre-IPO managers and invest in companies you believe in.

Access our network

We work with your existing professionals such as your accountant or mortgage broker to help build team you.

With competitive insurance

Life, TPD and income protection are primary support tools incase your get sick, injured or pass away. We will include these as considerations within your portfolio review process.

and flexible investments

Moving overseas or interstate? Great, you’re living your dreams! We are a digital business and can provide guidance where ever you are in the world.

Us vs the Competition

Questions you should be asking

9 questions for your financial planner


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Organise a chat with us to learn more about how we work with people like you and can help your family to achieve its future wealth goals.


Opportunity to work together

Wealthlab’s team invests alongside many of our clients. Driven by returns we believe in impact investing and will discuss this with you in our first meeting.

How can we help you?

What are you wanting to achieve from working with a financial planner? We believe that as a team we can help create more money in your super account. See you invest confidently and overall be happy with your financial picture. But it’s not for everyone. A meeting with us can help with an understanding of your current financial picture. What money or insurance questions you have and even raise some points you haven’t considered.

Solutions to the question “What is my rich life?”

With a plan that’s unique to you and your family.

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