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Streamline Your SMSF Journey with Wealthlab’s Expert Guidance

Setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) can be a complex and daunting process. At Wealthlab, we’re here to simplify the journey and provide you with the expert support you need to establish your SMSF with confidence.

Our SMSF Setup Services Include:

  1. Goal Discussion: We start by understanding your financial goals and objectives to ensure your SMSF aligns with your aspirations.
  2. Cashflow Review: We analyse your current and proposed SMSF cashflow to optimise your fund’s financial health.
  3. Superannuation Assessment: Our team reviews your existing superannuation, risk profile, and asset allocation to create a tailored strategy.
  4. Investment Review: We evaluate your investment accounts and accumulated cash to maximise your SMSF’s growth potential.
  5. Insurance Needs Analysis: As an SMSF trustee, we assess your personal insurance requirements to protect your fund and its members.
  6. Implementation Support: We guide you through the implementation of our advice and recommendations, ensuring a smooth setup process.
  7. Ongoing Review: Our engagement includes an annual review to keep your SMSF on track and adapt to any changes in your circumstances or goals.

Comprehensive SMSF Setup Package

Our SMSF Setup Package is designed to provide you with end-to-end support, including:

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparent, upfront pricing. Our SMSF Setup Package fee is $9,987 (including GST), covering all aspects of establishing your SMSF and Bare Trust. For ongoing advice and support, we charge an annual fee of $2,640 (including GST), ensuring you have continuous access to our expertise.

Please note that additional ASIC costs (approximately $600-$800 annually) are not included in our package fee and will be invoiced separately.

Your Partner in SMSF Success

At Wealthlab, we’re committed to being your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of SMSF setup and management. With our expert guidance, you can have peace of mind knowing your SMSF is structured to support your financial future.

Take the first step towards SMSF success today. Contact our friendly team to discuss how we can help you establish your Self-Managed Super Fund with confidence.