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Join Scott and Phil, as we dive deep into the principles of building wealth and unlocking your financial potential. We know that every day, we make important decisions about our money, from earning and spending to saving, investing, and even giving it away. And as financial planners, we’re here to share our general insights on this and more.
Our curiosity about money started when we were ourselves were “little dollarmites”. Now 30 years later we’ll explore current topics related to the Australian financial system and discuss strategies for wealth building that maybe valuable to you.
And just a quick note: while we love to dish out financial advice, the information we share is intended for general purposes only. Before making any investment decisions, be sure to consider your own investment needs, objectives, and financial circumstances.
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The Podcast
Quality Financial Planning Content 50%
The general vibe
Scott and Phil talking about things they think are interesting to new clients (with the odd rant). 80%
Level of of General Advice?
Nothing personal, so if you want more. Book in a chat! 100%

How our mum’s might describe the podcast

“The WealthLab Podcast, with Scott and Phil! It’s like having a chat over a cuppa with two really knowledgeable friends who just happen to be experts in money matters. These two, based in Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, make the whole thing about finances so relatable and easy to understand.

Each episode is like a little story session, where Scott and Phil talk about real people they’ve helped with their money woes. They’ve got tips on everything – from avoiding those nasty online scams to finding a good person to help with your finances. It’s all so practical and down-to-earth, perfect for anyone who wants to get a bit smarter about their money without all the jargon. You should give it a listen, dear, it’s quite enlightening and quite the conversation starter!” 🌟💰💼

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